About Me

Yet another wannabe blogger. There was a time when I considered myself to be a good writer who can easily write about any topic of his interest. Then I started writing; boy, I miss those good old imaginary days.

When I am not pretending to be a blogger, I roam around the internet reading techie blogs until they become too techie, at which point I ctrl-tab to StackOverflow and answer some easy questions to recharge my ego. I started my development career with Flash, ActionScript and Flex, and hence the abundance of my answers on these topics in SO. Then I tried my hands on server side using django for a short while before moving to the current domain which revolves around digital television middleware development.

This blog is a humble attempt to give back to the community from which I have learned a lot. It mostly consists of tricky/difficult/interesting scenarios that I faced during my day to day work as a code monkey and their solutions whenever possible.

As a responsible internet addict, I have accounts in pretty much all the popular social networking portals, but I seldom post anything other than retweeting stuff that seems interesting to me - which ranges from Malayalam movie reviews to articles on hacker news and occasional shameless self promotions.


  1. Give back to the community... that's good!

  2. good buddy, keep it up