Friday, September 27, 2013

MP4 Viewer

MP4Viewer is an open-source ISO base media file format viewer. It parses the isobmf file and displays the metadata on the console or in a separate window. It is written in python and uses pygtk for displaying the box information in a window. MP4Viewer is hosted in github


Usage: cd into src folder and run
$ ./ [-h] [-o {stdout,gui}] [-e] [-c {on,off}] iso-base-media-file

Positional arguments:
  iso-base-media-file   Path to iso media file

Optional arguments:
  -o {stdout,gui}       Select output format (console or windows). Default is console.
                        TODO: Add XML output
  -c {on,off}           Turn on/off colors in stdout; on by default.
  -e                    Long arrays such as sample sizes are truncated by default.
                        This flag expands them.
  -h, --help            Help!

You need to have pygtk2.0 installed for viewing the results in a window.

The definitions of structures used in the code can be found in the publicly available standard ISO/IEC 14496-12 - ISO base media file format