Friday, September 27, 2013

MP4 Viewer

MP4Viewer is an open-source ISO base media file format viewer. It parses the isobmf file and displays the metadata on the console or in a separate window. It is written in python and uses pygtk for displaying the box information in a window. MP4Viewer is hosted in github


Usage: cd into src folder and run
$ ./ [-h] [-o {stdout,gui}] [-e] [-c {on,off}] iso-base-media-file

Positional arguments:
  iso-base-media-file   Path to iso media file

Optional arguments:
  -o {stdout,gui}       Select output format (console or windows). Default is console.
                        TODO: Add XML output
  -c {on,off}           Turn on/off colors in stdout; on by default.
  -e                    Long arrays such as sample sizes are truncated by default.
                        This flag expands them.
  -h, --help            Help!

You need to have pygtk2.0 installed for viewing the results in a window.

The definitions of structures used in the code can be found in the publicly available standard ISO/IEC 14496-12 - ISO base media file format


  1. Thanks for sharing this tool. It is made by Python, and that's great!

  2. This is pretty useful tool to use on the command line! There is one bug while displaying the Matrix Coefficients. Let me see if I can find a reference for the Coefficient represntation